Foto: Steffen Walther

Innovative member of staff for R&D

Since January 01st the European Social Fund and the Free State of Thuringia are sponsoring an important project of Polytives. Working on “synthesis, characterization and optimization of branched polyacrylonitrile and polyvinyl acetates regarding economic aspects” will expand our portfolio and secure our future competitiveness. Our polymer additives can be based on a variety of different monomers (starting materials), which are converted into branched polymers. These can be used in different ways, depending on the monomer. Each starting material must first be developed to market maturity, which is to be achieved for two materials within the scope of this project. The point of interest in this project is acrylonitrile (e.g. for 3D printing) and vinyl acetate, specifically.

The financial support from the EU and the state of Thuringia also enables us as a startup to realize the R&D work, which will open new markets for us in the future. This secures an essential cornerstone for the economically successful future of the young Polytives GmbH.