Innovationspreisgewinner polytives

IQ Innovation award 2020 goes to Polytives

On June 25, 2020, it was finally decided. The winners of this year’s IQ Innovation Award Central Germany.

And what can we say: We did it! We have won! We came in first place in our “Chemistry/Plastics” cluster at the IQ Innovation Award. We can hardly say how happy we are about this award!

To be honored with the first prize in this large-scale competition and with such strong competitors makes us proud. This strong competition does not only include our “cluster colleagues”; across all categories, we were thrilled to see what Central Germany presents in terms of innovative strength. And, of course, such an award motivates the whole team to keep at it.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to be excited, we were also able to convince in the overall ranking of the IQ Innovation Award 2020. We came in second place in this competition. Amazing!

Such an award not only creates visibility for our innovation, it also shows that our enthusiasm is shared. What could give us even(!) more impetus to continue pursuing our vision with full commitment?

Once again, we thank the organizers for this great format and great execution – despite the current adversity. The implementation of the award ceremony was really successful and even without the stage and the subsequent get together, we enjoyed the evening.

As a representative we would like to mention the wonderful Hanka Fischer, who made this competition with her team to what it is: A great platform for innovative ideas and applications from Central Germany. Because do not have to hide under any circumstances and should not be overlooked.

Even if the hurdles may seem (and be) higher than in other competitions: we can only say “It’s worth it!”. So just take heart / take yourselves and participate in the next round of the competition. All in all, you / you can only win!