ThEx AWARD in the category IDEASHIP

We have made it! We are winners of the ThEx AWARDs 2020 in the category IDEASHIP!

And even though we haven’t really processed it yet, we are of course very happy about this award.

Especially with the strong competition – both quantitatively and qualitatively – this is a great honor for our work for the entire team. Almost 158 applications could be counted for the Thuringian Founder Award. This is a strong sign, not only in the current situation, of the innovative power in Thuringia, but also of entrepreneurship as a whole. Because apart from the ideas with strong business model, also in the category DURCHSTARTER and NACHFOLGE prices were lent to great Unternehmer:innen.

Patron of the ThEx AWARD, Minister of Economics Wolfgang Tiefensee, also awarded a prize in the specially created category “Innovative Solutions in the Corona Pandemic” to the companies Hygienemarkt 24 GmbH from Gera and BOXFABRIK BXMS GmbH from Harth-Pöllnitz.

In addition, this year again the prize for the IMPULSGEBERIN was awarded and went, more than deserved, to Dr. Merle Fuchs. After more than 20 years of experience, she too is now founding a company and commented on this – when asked about the many successes and stations on her way beforehand – with the words “…it’s terrific to finally be able to do it myself!”. And we think we’ll be hearing a lot more about that.

The online award ceremony was very impressive and was enriched by video contributions of all TOP 10 participants, which could be sent in beforehand. In this way, even without the presence of all participants, a stage was creatively provided to allow the winning entries to be honored digitally.

We are now taking the motivation that comes with this award and putting it – full of anticipation for 2021 – into our growth. So that we may be able to compete in another category (DURCHSTARTER) at the Thüringer Gründerpreis in just a few years.

Congratulations to all award winners and thanks to all participants and organizers!