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At Polytives, we develop and produce innovative polymer additives, providing you with an easy path to next-generation plastics. Our innovative solutions solve problems that plastics processing experts face every day. Thanks to the know-how that goes into our polymer additives, you get the thermomechanical optimum out of your products. Without undesirable effects on the other polymer properties.

Whether to increase process efficiency and improve processes or to increase the value of your plastic products: our polymer additives promise you a significant advantage. Whether standard product or your individual desired solution: we supply you with polymer additives that improve your performance. Take advantage of the opportunities that Polytives has in store for you. Going new ways – without having to leave the tried and tested ones – that’s what we offer you with the polymer additives from Polytives.



Here are just three of the many polymers we address:


Acrylic glass

The much-used acrylic glass, or polymethyl methacrylate, retains its transparency with polymer additives from Polytives, but you significantly improve your melt flow. Find out how we achieve this: contact us.


Commonly known as Styropor©, you can now give polystyrene new possibilities with innovative additives from Polytives. Get more out of your polystyrene, contact us today.


As an engineering thermoplastic, polycarbonate has a wide variety of applications. The processing temperature of > 250°C should be reconsidered not only in view of rising energy costs. We allow the leeway you need. Learn more.

Applicable across industries and customized on request – your competitive advantage with our polymer additives

Whether as a revolutionary plastic grade, a classic additive or a processing aid in the background, our polymer additives blend ideally into your formulation and fit seamlessly into your process overall. Save lead time and reduce energy costs – so you can invest both in your competitiveness.

Make your paints, coatings and printer inks more flowable with our plastic additives – at the same temperature. Our products are also a real gamechanger for the 3D printing industry, opening up new possibilities.

Adhesive production is becoming less solvent-based, injection molding remains energetically profitable. For all the breadth of applications, you can be sure: We also don’t lose sight of sustainability. Polytives supports sorted recycling and resource efficiency. So that your CO2 balance doesn’t throw a spanner in the works.

ISO 9001 zertifiziert durch TÜV-Thüringen

Quality management

Our company works according to the guidelines and requirements of ISO 9001:2015, for which we have also been certified. For the areas of development, production, and sales, you can be sure that we are a reliable, pragmatic, and customer-oriented partner.

ISO 9001 zertifiziert durch TÜV-Thüringen


Our company was recently accepted into the Sustainability Agreement Thuringia (NAT). Polytives GmbH meets the criteria for participation and takes part in NAThüringen together with currently 698 companies from different industries.

ISO 9001 zertifiziert durch TÜV-Thüringen

Sustainability report

We want to contribute to a positive change in the image of plastics in all its diversity. Our goal is therefore not just to use the topic of sustainability as a means of communication, but to pursue it in a concrete way and to deepen our understanding of it.

Have we sparked your interest?

Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions about our plastic additives or services and likewise about possible ways of cooperation.

Making the previously unattainable tangible is part of our mission. We may soon tailor your specific additive that will open up new, highly profitable business areas for you. Learn more about our products and services.


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Polytives is looking for student support in various areas: From the chemistry lab to management and marketing – depending on where your interest lies.