Tailor-made polymer additives for plastics

Smart, customized polymer additives for plastics

As diverse as the industries in the plastics market are, as individual are the challenges you face as a plastics processor. The solution is tailor-made polymer additives for plastics. With our polymer additives, we offer you a new way to strengthen your com­pe­ti­tive­ness. In this way, we give you room for new things. Our tailor-made solution is an individualized service in which we redesign the mechanical polymer properties with the help of an additive, based on your requirements. Reducing the melt viscosity, optimizing the processing temperature or increasing the recyclability of the product are already possible today.

polymer additives for plastics - tailor made
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60% of the polymers used worldwide are addressable

Plastic materials can be found in all areas of life and all cir­cum­stan­ces. How can we make such a broad use of our materials possible?

The decisive factor is that we start with our tailor-made solution from your basic polymer – using it as the basis for every individual production. This means that there are no unwanted process changes for you. We use our know-how to adjust the desired properties and you benefit from a sustainable and thus long-term solution.


Influence the physical properties of your plastics for the best

Polytives combines many years of experience in polymer chemistry, R&D and scaling of plastics. As with our internal R&D processes that provide you with innovative standard products, we do not start from scratch with you as part of a tailor-made solution. A well-maintained network with industry and university research ensures inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry knowledge to work in a practical and innovative way. Our strong and reliable partners and suppliers bring us closer to our goal of strengthening the well-deserved image of plastics as a material of the future. In recent years, we have received several awards for our innovative approaches and the platform technology behind them – now we would like you to benefit from them as well.

We take you to a new level

polymer additives for plastics - tailor made

Break through technical limits and improve your market position

The tailoring of our polymer additives for plastics enables you to stand out with your materials thanks to optimized properties. At the same time, you promote the idea of sustainability: significantly lower energy consumption, fewer (toxic) additives and a greater proportion of recyclable components make your manufacturing and your products fit for the future.

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Quality management

The production of our additives and our R&D services are main components of our core processes. The ISO 9001:2015 certification of our management system ensures that our proposed solutions for you are needs-based and application-specific. Download Certificate


ISO 9001 zertifiziert durch TÜV-Thüringen

Request more specifications or make an appointment

The Polytives team is at your disposal to discuss further details about a cooperation. Arrange a meeting with us. In which area would you like to improve your polymers?

In order to answer your inquiry as precisely as possible, we ask you to provide us with information on either the field of application or the plastic; ideally, you should provide both. We will then contact you as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

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