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Development steps needed for your challenge from a single source

As a company with expertise in offering development steps from a single source, Polytives is looking for new ways to meet the challenges of the plastics industry. In doing so, we draw on a combination of scaling expertise and synthesis know-how. In addition to our additive, the flow improver bFI A 3745, which has proven itself in many applications, we are intensively dedicated to the research and development of further branched polymer components. In doing so, we can use both common monomers and specialty chemicals as a starting point. Our technical laboratory equipment allows us to handle the entire development process from small flask mixtures to 60-liter reactions. This allows us to produce a flexible set of experimental samples. This capability is particularly relevant for R&D concerns, while we naturally also have production capabilities for industrial applications. With our experienced team, we are able to develop customized solutions for each customer. Our holistic approach and our speed of innovation are decisive advantages that distinguish us as a company for development steps from a single source. In this way, we offer companies an efficient alternative in the form of a service that stands out from university-based basic research and development in the context of long-term projects.

In addition to our efficient decision-making processes, flexible capacity and adaptability, we are also characterized by a clear cost structure. In contrast to universities, we have focused on cost-efficient action and management as central principles from the very beginning. This is also reflected in the properties of our additives, which enable sustainable plastics processing and compounding through material savings and energy efficiency.
Another advantage lies in our continuous research work. Our expertise continues to develop and consolidate, experience does not remain limited to one project and is therefore constantly being expanded, already since 2014.

The ability to adapt quickly to changes in a highly complex world, whether due to global market requirements or necessary changes in the synthesis route for a customer product, continues to help us maintain a continuous innovation process. Through dialog, we define specific material properties that are aligned with our customers’ processes and extend previous application boundaries through the results of our work and our tailored solutions.

As befits a company for development steps from a single source, we are eagerly committed to making our customized plastic additives qualitatively reliable to your competitive advantage. Please feel free to convince yourself of our competences: Our Sales Director Steffen Felzer is looking forward to your questions and comments.