Commitment to the polymer industry in Thuringia

Foto: Steffen Walther

Location intentions of Polytives GmbH

On February 09 Minister of Economics Tiefensee visited us again in Jena. As last year, he inquired about the concerns and problems, but also about ideas and perspectives that we see for our young company and for the polymer industry in Thuringia. Encouraged by the renewed support that Mr. Tiefensee assured us on behalf of the Thuringian economy, we are now disclosing our location intentions:

To remain located in Thuringia as a company was already considered certain for us in the long term. We have built up a good network here, including research institutes, universities, industrial companies, and a growing startup community. Here we have found reliable partners and we are in constructive exchange with experts in the plastics industry in Thuringia. They all have strengthened our resolve to commit ourselves to Thuringia in the medium term.

The fact that we have been encouraged to expand the dimensions of our ideas once again shows us the conviction with which our investors and partners stand behind us. Supporting a plant for Polytives is not only a commitment to us, but also to the entire polymer industry in Thuringia.

Numerous facts on prove that the plastics industry in Thuringia is one of the industries with the highest turnover in Thuringia and already has a success story of more than 100 years. The plastics industry has experienced rapid growth, which we as Polytives GmbH would like to follow. With our innovation, we see sufficient potential for this. Currently, there are about 520 companies in the polymer industry with approximately 34,000 employees, generating a turnover of 7.2 billion euros. These companies specialize in injection moulding, extrusion, functionalized plastic products or process technology for multi-material systems, and much more. Here Polytives GmbH is perfectly located as a startup with innovative products.

As a member of the Thuringian plastics cluster PolymerMat e.V. we will contribute our share to further strengthen and expand the Thuringian plastics industry. The innovative power generated by networking offers customers a competitive advantage.

Motivating start into 2022

Germany's Top 50 startups 2021

Polytives is one in Germany's TOP 50 startups – again

In 2021, our company once again represented the Free State of Thuringia on the list of Germany’s 50 most successful startups. Together with three other companies, we have shown that innovative ideas also have development potential and are successful in our region.

For us, the election to Germany’s TOP 50 start-ups is an enthusiastically boost, because it is the 2nd award in a row. It is important to provide networking and investment opportunities to the startup community, but it is even more important to give it time to grow and develop its own ideas and strategies.

For us, our re-election reflects that we have not frozen, we have not rested on our past successes. The ranking reflects the efforts of the last year, the examination of our own ideas and those of our competitors. The fact that we have made it this far shows us that we are on the right track – and with this realization in mind, 2022 will be a great year for all of us.


Financial backing for Polytives

Polytives granules

Polytives receives funding for new equipment

As part of the “Investments to improve competitiveness and productivity in SMEs”, a grant from the “Thüringen-Invest” program was approved, enabling Polytives GmbH to make a new purchase and thus contribute to more secure workplaces.

Funded by the Free State of Thuringia and co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the purchased equipment will fasten concerning processes. The research capacity can be increased by a double-digit factor and the in-house production of polymers, which serve as additives, can be further professionalized to meet market requirements.


Innovation award Thuringia 2021

Foto: Steffen Walther

On November 24th we received the special award for young companies of the Thuringian Innovation Award. We are very happy about this great end of the year! The award shows us again that we convince with our innovations, thus motivating us even more!


Expanding the team

Foto: Steffen Walther

In April 2021 we double our manpower, so our team consists of eight creative and motivated heads. Time flies while we roll out our marketing strategy. Our first product is entering the piloting phase by the end of the year.

Investor Days Thuringia 2021

Investor Days Thuringia

The Investor Days offer startups and investors the opportunity to present themselves, network and find each other. Polytives won the prize for the best pitch here. We are already looking forward to 2022 when we can participate in this great platform again.


ESF provided funding for Polytives

Foto: Steffen Walther

Innovative member of staff for R&D

Since January 01st the European Social Fund and the Free State of Thuringia are sponsoring an important project of Polytives. Working on “synthesis, characterization and optimization of branched polyacrylonitrile and polyvinyl acetates regarding economic aspects” will expand our portfolio and secure our future competitiveness. Our polymer additives can be based on a variety of different monomers (starting materials), which are converted into branched polymers. These can be used in different ways, depending on the monomer. Each starting material must first be developed to market maturity, which is to be achieved for two materials within the scope of this project. The point of interest in this project is acrylonitrile (e.g. for 3D printing) and vinyl acetate, specifically.

The financial support from the EU and the state of Thuringia also enables us as a startup to realize the R&D work, which will open new markets for us in the future. This secures an essential cornerstone for the economically successful future of the young Polytives GmbH.


Into top 50

Innovationspreisgewinner polytives

of Germany's start-ups 2020

With the beginning of 2021 Polytives was voted into the world of Germany’s top 50 startups. Here we ranked no. 15. Together with two other companies from Jena, we represent the innovation potential of our hometown.

Polytives is ThExAward winner 2020

ThEx AWARD in the category IDEASHIP

We have made it! We are winners of the ThEx AWARDs 2020 in the category IDEASHIP!

And even though we haven’t really processed it yet, we are of course very happy about this award.

Especially with the strong competition – both quantitatively and qualitatively – this is a great honor for our work for the entire team. Almost 158 applications could be counted for the Thuringian Founder Award. This is a strong sign, not only in the current situation, of the innovative power in Thuringia, but also of entrepreneurship as a whole. Because apart from the ideas with strong business model, also in the category DURCHSTARTER and NACHFOLGE prices were lent to great Unternehmer:innen.

Patron of the ThEx AWARD, Minister of Economics Wolfgang Tiefensee, also awarded a prize in the specially created category “Innovative Solutions in the Corona Pandemic” to the companies Hygienemarkt 24 GmbH from Gera and BOXFABRIK BXMS GmbH from Harth-Pöllnitz.

In addition, this year again the prize for the IMPULSGEBERIN was awarded and went, more than deserved, to Dr. Merle Fuchs. After more than 20 years of experience, she too is now founding a company and commented on this – when asked about the many successes and stations on her way beforehand – with the words “…it’s terrific to finally be able to do it myself!”. And we think we’ll be hearing a lot more about that.

The online award ceremony was very impressive and was enriched by video contributions of all TOP 10 participants, which could be sent in beforehand. In this way, even without the presence of all participants, a stage was creatively provided to allow the winning entries to be honored digitally.

We are now taking the motivation that comes with this award and putting it – full of anticipation for 2021 – into our growth. So that we may be able to compete in another category (DURCHSTARTER) at the Thüringer Gründerpreis in just a few years.

Congratulations to all award winners and thanks to all participants and organizers!

Polytives on MDR Aktuell

Polytives on MDR Aktuell

There is a lot of innovation going on in Central Germany. This was demonstrated not least by the Central German IQ Innovation Award, which was presented in June. But the idea for an innovative application, product or service is only half the battle. For example, other comrades-in-arms have to be found, customers have to be convinced and proof of feasibility has to be provided. What else is often particularly important for startups in order to bring an idea to market maturity? Among other things, MDR Aktuell got to the bottom of this question during a visit to our company.

You can see it in the following article:

(available in the media library until 19.09., 7 p.m.)

With Dr. Merle Fuchs, someone who must know from more than 20 years of experience also gives an insight into the subject.

If that is not enough reason to take a look: of course, there is also a short insight into the laboratory of Polytives GmbH. And thus into the heart of our company.