Helping hands for all areas of the company: Student support for Polytives.


Mutual learning motivates and creates innovation

Three clever heads and three pairs of helping hands support us from the background. The work that comes to the usually small team of a young company does not become less as time goes on. It only becomes different, that much we can say thanks to our own operational experience with Polytives. However, the distribution of our daily small tasks has been made easier for us for quite some time by Jana, Paul and Alex.
When not active in public relations, the three of them seem invisible to outsiders. One more reason to let them speak personally about their time and operational experience with Polytives so far:

Alex (for over a year at Polytives): “Polytives shows me a new world as well as a new professional field besides humanities at university, which expands my knowledge and skills tremendously.”

Jana, Paul and Alex support us with interdisciplinary as well as professional outside perspectives and bring in knowledge from training and university. In return, they also gain operational experience with Polytives: integrated true-to-life into our day-to-day business, they experience strategic discussions, see how decisions are made, what consistent action requires and what it can achieve. For example, whether they are sitting at the table during our creative brainstorming sessions, actively accompanying our R&D projects, or collecting data with us for our first sustainability report – we appreciate their enthusiasm and are glad that our student support is now entirely part of our small but innovative team.

Jana (for just over a month at Polytives): “Polytives is as versatile as plastics – I will gain valuable experience here!”

Of course, it is impossible to assess what concrete impact your contribution has had on our success. Nevertheless, without you, some e-mails would not have been written on time, some customer approaches would not have been successful, and some research findings would not have been made until later. In business, that can make all the difference. We can also say with certainty that working with you enriches us, not least because it is characterized by the knowledge that you too have been infected by the enthusiasm for Polytives – and we thank you for that.

Paul (for just over two months at Polytives): “At Polytives, I can apply what I’ve already learned at university and also gain professional experience in polymer chemistry.”

Innovation is based on creative ideas, on thinking outside the box, and sometimes it also needs a pinch of luck. However, we cannot rely on the latter, so we are also dependent on new impulses from outside. That’s why we want to and will continue to offer professional and operational experience with Polytives.