Location intentions of Polytives GmbH

On February 09 Minister of Economics Tiefensee visited us again in Jena. As last year, he inquired about the concerns and problems, but also about ideas and perspectives that we see for our young company and for the polymer industry in Thuringia. Encouraged by the renewed support that Mr. Tiefensee assured us on behalf of the Thuringian economy, we are now disclosing our location intentions:

To remain located in Thuringia as a company was already considered certain for us in the long term. We have built up a good network here, including research institutes, universities, industrial companies, and a growing startup community. Here we have found reliable partners and we are in constructive exchange with experts in the plastics industry in Thuringia. They all have strengthened our resolve to commit ourselves to Thuringia in the medium term.

The fact that we have been encouraged to expand the dimensions of our ideas once again shows us the conviction with which our investors and partners stand behind us. Supporting a plant for Polytives is not only a commitment to us, but also to the entire polymer industry in Thuringia.

Numerous facts on www.invest-in-thuringia.de prove that the plastics industry in Thuringia is one of the industries with the highest turnover in Thuringia and already has a success story of more than 100 years. The plastics industry has experienced rapid growth, which we as Polytives GmbH would like to follow. With our innovation, we see sufficient potential for this. Currently, there are about 520 companies in the polymer industry with approximately 34,000 employees, generating a turnover of 7.2 billion euros. These companies specialize in injection moulding, extrusion, functionalized plastic products or process technology for multi-material systems, and much more. Here Polytives GmbH is perfectly located as a startup with innovative products.

As a member of the Thuringian plastics cluster PolymerMat e.V. we will contribute our share to further strengthen and expand the Thuringian plastics industry. The innovative power generated by networking offers customers a competitive advantage.