A flow improvement with a sample of our bFI A 3745 is now ready

For our research team, the last few months have been all about scaling up: The goal of placing the first samples with customers in the test phase was preceded by numerous agreements, comparative measurements and optimization steps. In the meantime, the first large production batch has been manufactured and arrived at our premises, covering several tours by lift truck. After some modifications to achieve the optimal balance between energy saving and flow improvement, we proudly present our bFI A 3745. From now on, our customers can request a bFi A 3745 sample for their flow imorivement.

Our first product is not only interesting for injection molders, compounders and masterbatchers, but brings measurable benefits to all processors of PMMA, PS or PC:

  • up to 33% energy saving
  • up to 1.5 times increase in throughput
  • massive reduction of viscosity
  • reduction of processing temperature

If interested parties would like to test the first samples in the test phase on their own machines and in their own processes, a phone call or e-mail will suffice. Our quantity of bFI A 3745 is limited. However, further batches and greater scaling will naturally follow. We are particularly proud of the fact that transparency is retained when used in PMMA – a feature that we would also like to transfer to other types of plastic and which we also want to achieve with our second product, the bSR shrink reducer.

In addition to saving energy during processing, our additives, which also replace parts of the base polymer if they are ideally miscible with it, are non-toxic, more homogeneous and easier to recycle. Both aspects, energy savings (and the associated lower CO2 impact) and recyclability, are also forward-looking for the sustainable development that is emerging for the plastics industry as a whole. In its report “Reshaping Plastics” Plastics Europe estimates a 70% decrease in unrecycled plastics in industrial use by 2050. Polytives also supports this direction with its in-house polymer additives.

Initial samples in the test phase are usually followed by a wide range of feedback with positive aspects and requests for improvement. We are curious to see what adjustments still need to be made in the future – and what creative solutions we will come up with to overcome these challenges.

Now you too can request a bFi A 3745 sample!

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